Highlord Death (aka. Death) is a player boss who is Jarione's right hand man in the new scourge and is also classed as the new Ashbringer after he killed a paladin who was believed to be Highlord Mograine (the original Ashbringer) who was resurrected by Tirion Fordring to help in the war effort against Jarione and his scourge armada, Death was guarding the walls of Icecrown Citadel when the Argent Crusade attacked. After a long fight he slew the Paladin and took up the Ashbringer and it turned corrupted when it touched Death's unholy fingers, abit like the first time the Ashbringer was turned corrupted, Death likes to hang around key Scourge points in Northrend and Azeroth and is never far from his masters side when required!


 Little is known about Death's past including his real name, only Jarione and a few others know his real identity, Jarione's discarded journal states that " I am suprised he has chosen to keep his identity secret, probably because of the amount of shock it could bring to his hometown and to his family!" Another thing known is that before Death served the Lich King in undeath he was a respected member of the Alliance who was known to his troops as the Life-Enforcer and was sent to Northrend to defeat Jarione, but in a dramatic battle Death was killed and risen as a warrior of the Scourge!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Highlord Death


Highlord of the New Scourge, The Ashbringer, Master of Voltarus


Undead Human Male


Argent Crusade, Scarlet Crusade (Formely), New Scourge


Secondry Supreme Overlord of the New Scourge


Plaguelands, Voltarus, Dragonblight (Mostly)




Jarione (Master) Highlord Tirion Fordring (Predecessor)


Chaotic evil

Killed Ashbringer

The New Ashbringer


Highlord Death fighting the Ashbringer