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Jarione (aka:Lich King Jarione) is a character and Boss who spends most of his time in his throne room located in the Frostmourne Cavern in Dragonblight, his Scourge there do not attack a Player unless Jarione wants them too, he likes to give out quests to any Players who are willing to join his Scourge!

Past Edit

Jarione was once a champion of the Argent Crusade who was given a mission by Tirion Fordring to kill the Lich King along side other champions from all the corners of Azeroth, when the time came for the mission to be put into action the Champions headed to Icecrown Citadel. They had little trouble getting into the Citadel but when they faced of with the Lich King there was a huge rumbling from the ground and an object exploded which killed most of the Champions and severly wounded Jarione, as the others charged into combat Jarione crawled towards the Lich King and grapped Frostmourne from the Lich King's waist and Stabbed him with it in the headpiece! Jarione had killed the Lich King but the Lich King's spirit alone merged into Frostmourne and turned Jarione corrupted, Jarione turn around and slew everyone in the halls of which the battle took place. After that he took his seat as next Lord of Northrend!




Lord of the New Scourge, Lord of the Fallen, The Dark Lord


Human Undead Male


Paladin (Formely), Ex-Paladin, Necromancer, Death Knight


Argent Crusade, Stormwind (Formely), New Scourge


Master and Supreme Overlord of the New Scourge, Lord of Northrend


Frostmourne Cavern in Dragonblight (Mostly)




The Lich King (Predecessor) Highlord Death (Chief Lieutenant)


Chaotic evil


Lich lol

Jarione killing the Lich King with Frostmourne